99+ Flaws to Love

Oh yes , this would perhaps remind you of Jay Z’ s 99 problems,well I really got my thoughts starting from it,but they just travelled to a different zone to ponder..

💞Cupid is round the corner again, perhaps he’ll fix a few right ones this time (again).Does having a day as to celebrate Valentine’sDay is really necessary?? Perhaps you’d say I don’t believe in such or maybe you’d say it’s like every other day,or for few it’s that one special day, thoughts vary . If you celebrate or live the rest of your 364 days as in love and as special as V-day then probably February 14th won’t be a matter.But for those , in relationships hustle n bustle -forget to appriciate each other’ s existence and hard works , trust me you need a day (atleast) to mend those flaws . It wouldn’t cost neither of the  couple much to take a seat back and love for a while .

Sometimes we just take everything for granted – some good relationships , some good favour,some unasked sweet gestures , some daily chores (that some one does for you) , some innocent smiles , an unknown helping hand ,some silent prayers,in someone’s silent thoughts and so on, many other things that happens to us daily and yet we aren’t aware of it or chose not to give importance. We easily find flaws and faults in everything and everyone around.Those flaws are basically our personal concept about anyone or anything.Just because it doesn’t fit to my personal perspectives is a flaw to my eye.Have you ever thought how would you feel when you are seen and analysed from someone else’s set frame??Alright it’s not about changing yourself for somebody else but just checking on self to the number of flaws you have before pointing on somebody else.Oh I am really bad on taking up NO ‘s !!! (ah yes I know some where deep down i may sound stubborn ) – but , lately When I was upset with few things that kept happening to me which didn t change (even after I took the spine to talk about it) I sat down thinking is it really that bad or is it my problem.I decided to take a intense look to my own flaws , darn!!! I did cross 50 n yes if I really went through it I am sure I ll cross 100.(can’t take all of it in one go!!)Yes we aren’t perfect in ourselves and that doesn’t mean we are of any less importance, only point being choosing to think before you point out someone else’s flaw,perhaps some things never change .. Relationship is all about accepting each other’s flaw and with time we cover for each other ‘s flaws.When you get upset of constant wrongs from your dear ones don’t chose to quit for they don’t change ,perhaps it’s just that one flaw and for which you would ruin the entire picture.Some habits- some errs,they just don’t change ( but if u believe in miracles ,don’t loose your hope ;)), not just in couples ,be in family, friends , workmates flaws are everywhere but what makes difference is embracing them, knowing that we arent’t too good either.Just try to go ahead of the flaw and see the beauty that lies beyond.If there is someone who has the power to change you, its just You..So love and live your life thats gonna end anytime to fullest with no room for regrets.Forgive Forget and move on.Thank and be grateful for what you have now and cherish moments.Above all love one another let nothing come between pure love and let the heavenly aura keep all binded together..


The Other Woman

Everyone has a good half and a not so good half that makes what you actually are,I wouldn’t say it’s the evil part of you ,perhaps it’s just that suppressed part of you that has got into aggression, denial , cheat , pain , flaws or oppressions / subjected to depression that was deeply buried and comes out over instances.Many are good at hiding and keeping the other half under control but as for few others it’s that weak point that shoots up at any simple trigger.

Why would one hide this or just carry along like a life long burden. Set it free and let go,choose to stay happy forgive forget n move on. Live life like never before. Embrace the beauty that your creator has for you in His store. Life is too short for worries . I choose my half that loves and inspires to live . The other woman inside me is free and happy now there’s no room for regrets , don’t think evil nor hurt any, just remember the purpose of your existence and thrive  , take that one huge leap and break all those bonds. As at the end its all about 🎼~Love Live Celebrate Life~ 🎶

❤️Love is pure❤️ 🤓Isnt it your choice for who U are??!🤔

Love is pure,it’s just we contaminate it for our Covetousness ..

Ladies Compartment 🛤🚊🚞

Few years back,to be precise 2009,after my summer vacations on my way back to college ,this was when I met Madhu..Unlike metros and trains anywhere else,travelling in Ladies compartment is heck of a journey and specially during peak seasons in India..This was my second time in ladies compartment , my first experience was with my life time bestie and forever didi (sister by choice,sheeba ravendran 👭💗) and few of her colleagues.. As you see the light of engine from a distance you are all set to make your chance to step into an overly filled coach ,and if u manage to do so -at least a foot space, damn you feel that You won a battle and if you mange to get a place to sit down ,ahhh its conquering !!!  Since then I decided never to travel in Ladies compartment .. But it did happen again and again and I din have a choice 🤔😫😶

Back to the plot,so this time I was lucky enough I had a whole long seat vacant for me,I was super excited ,quickly marked my boundaries with my bag,and after few comfortable arrangements ,  grabbed my text book (MBDS-mastering BDS, I suppose it’s not listed in any of the reference for BDS😄😁 yet it was a boon for quick brush up ) and my journey starts .. Kerala (Gods own country ) to Salem (Tamil Nadu,now my second home you can say).. The book is still open and I sit gazing the beauty and admiring the nature out through the window..

“Can I sit here?? ”

came a rough voice,well dressed ,with a bright smile though I couldn’t say No on face straight away ( Huh I wondered,ahh here it goes,said to myself -couldn’t  you find anyone else to adjust with!! ) Still putting up a fake smile, I said ,”Oh yes,sure” And here it all starts,this is Madhu,random greetings and talks,yet I knew there  was some thing unusual  about Madhu that I couldn’t make out and kept wondering what’s so strange..I don’t know about others but one in every 10 would have some sort of dental query , and I have been to lot such situations,this was what triggered talks between Madhu and me..

Just then a dozen of oversized ladies get into the train and there is a topsy-turviness and one of them asks Madhu to shift seats and to which Madhu puts me in out of nowhere into the scene and asks me whether I would ask to leave,pheww !! Of course the lady was rude,and she leaves n mocks saying ,there should be another compartment for your kinds!! I was shocked ,ohhya this was the unusual about Madhu. It wasn’t  by choice that Madhu had been there,mayb I would say ,God just made it that way..People judge you no matter what ,either be creed,caste or sex,and if nothing else some people humiliate and bring you just down..

Journey of Madan to Madhu was heart wrenching,maybe in search of a distinct identity ,or just to fit into F or M , or just to please the others who belong to so called F or M and have no concern for humanity!! I just couldn’t continue talking to Madhu as I could see a face with pain and numbness together as if tired of being into this for like ages..After a while Madhu just grabs her bag and waves me a good bye and leaves beaming the very bright smile again .Though ,I was young enough then to realise that there was more pain in not letting you just sit in a ladies compartment rather being not considered as a human being with soul that is dying inside and a heart that cries out of pain,perhaps those feelings and emotions which every human experiences when being discarded of mere existence.But now I realise that it was a brave fighter,overcoming insults and mockery in day to day life,what would happen if it had been U or Me in the same??? Did we turn to be who we are now by our choice?? Do we decide who should be and shouldn’t be??Then how can we judge anyone??

If you say you have faith ,show it in your actions!!when you have faith you trust,trust in A supreme power,trust to your fellowbeings,compassionate towards all living beings,respect each ones existence and thus ultimately Love,yes ,you reach to Love..Love in any form is pure and unbiased ,it’s our unscrupulousness that makes it impure..